Sealink is back !

UK:OK withFile:Sealink br logo.svg

Travel by rail and ship is peaceful and environmentally
sustainable. The trains and ships are available to all
and provide worthwhile employment so this is a socially
inclusive means of travel too
. By avoiding driving
you wil avoid traffic and never cause an accident.
And by not flying you wil save the world for the future.
British Rail Sealink connected Britain to Europe
by rail and ship. Now we provide links so you can 
SAVE MONEY and avoid delays. Travel by rail and ship !
File:Sealink br logo.svg Click to save —>

Travel around the islands by rail and ship !

Europe, Ireland, Scotland, Wales
and England by rail and ship.
Travel to and from the UK by rail and ship
to sleep well, avoid delays and SAVE !
Save on inland trips with brightconnections Split Ticket Technology
Save HUGE amounts of money and travel in FIRST CLASS !
Split your route to find the cheapest connections – as long as the
train stops at the split station there is no need to change trains so
you can travel on the same train, in the same seat FOR LE$$ CA$H !

Excellent connections from Europe and the world:
Startbild: ICE 3 fährt durch winterliche Landschaft
Book and pay cash for your sailing at the port or click on the ship:
Image depicting a side view of the Mont-St-Michel ferryImage depicting people sitting at a restaurant onboard the Mont-St-Michel ferryImage depicting An interior view of a Commodore cabin on mv Pont-AvenImage depicting A lady walking past one of our onboard shopsImage depicting Pont-Aven head on.


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