The UK is going to be OK with regime change to stop the ConDem regime now..

Trade Unions support Dale Farm travellers. We stand together to defend the UK Human Rights record upon which millions of good trade unionists´ jobs depend now and forever.
CONDEM member Tony Ball is wrecking the good reputation of the UK as OK as far as human rights are concerned. Tony Ball is a disaster for my business which is to promote the UK, as UK:OK of course. How can i possibly do that and bring in the millions of tourists and billions of pounds in foreign direct investment to create the millions of jobs we NEED in the UK when I have Mr. CONDEM Ball smashing up our human rights record. The treatment of the Dale farm travellers has been terrible, these are decent folk trying to look after themselves without claiming any housing benefits and so they need to be left alone in their own caravans on THEIR OWN LAND. They have not built brick and mortar houses so they are not contravening ANY planning regulations. This whole sad episode shows that the CONDEM regime is a disaster for the UK and Mr Ball is simply that: a wrecking ball, wrecking my business and the UK human rights record. Hello Mr. Milliband: stand up for the travellers, the gypsies and the unemployed and the trade unionists because a dictator on the other side of the channel did the same things as Mr. Cameron is in 2011 he was doing in 1931. Read up on world history, especially British and German history. Be on the right side of history: stand with Churchill agaist the CONDEM not properly elected REGIME and lets have UK regime change. With UK regime change we will all have a bright future in the UK:OK !


About UK=OK!

#JeremyCorbyn will deliver the REAL #UK that is #OK! with #Great #British #Railways #Jobs #Homes #NHS and #Peace #StopWar
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